Anti Copy Keys

Key control is a very important aspect of security, both residential and commercial. Often individuals and companies wish to limit the reproduction of keys. There are no current laws in the state of Oklahoma regulating the duplication of keys except USPS keys. Even keys that have "do not copy", "do not duplicate", or even "duplication prohibited" are easily and legally copied by hardware stores, big box stores, and yes, even locksmiths.

There is a solution! We at Tulsa Lock & Key are licensed by the Schlage Lock Company to sell and service Schlage "PRIMUS" high security locks and keys. When these locks and keys are installed on your home or commercial facility, you can rest assured that only YOU can add more keys. Not your kids. Not your housekeeper. Not your employee. Not your janitor crew... ONLY YOU.

Currently we have installed these High Security lock systems on automobile dealers, commercial businesses, churches and personal residences.

Our Schlage PRIMUS keys are factory supplied with a registered number embossed into the key head. We are the only locksmith company in the world that can provide duplicates of these keys, but only with your verified signature. Call us, and let us help you assess your key control needs.